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We have been in ministries for the last five years reaching out the unreached, hopeless and rejected to help them discover who they are and transform them into a Christ-like independent life.


We encourage church members to unite and register Community based Organizations (CBOs) in different groups e.g. women and youth so that they can start projects that can take them out of poverty and they have their accounts run by their leaders.

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It is a place of love, care and quality medical services. We have been in the field since 2013 and we do major operations and we have never registered a death case. Our free services include ambulance services, free medical camp, immunization and family planning.

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TRAPIM Project

We reach out to prostitutes through social media and w have realized that 90% are there not because they have to, they sell their bodies to support their families and as …% are single mothers and 100% are jobless

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Our Church Programs

Join us on on of the days and pray with us


We have midweek deliverance service from 5pm to 8pm

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We have overnight from 8pm to 6am on Saturday

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We have service starting at 10am to 1pm

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Meet Our Pastoral Team

We have the best pastors in the whole world.

Ps. David Sserukenya

Senior Pastor

Ap. Harriet Sleigh


Ps. Herbert Segujja

Ass. Pastor

Ps. Ken

Missions Coordinator

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Maias Kampala

Maias vomiting blood was discharged from the main hospital. His condition deteriorated rapidly. He came to us. There was a spirit of death in the room. Three of his friends stood in the room downcast, staring at the floor, silence was heavy.  When I came in I was angry. This young man’s life had been spared before. He had fallen over drunk and came to us with a large gash in his head, blood dripping, splattering the floor. He knew it was because of the care etc he received from us that his life was spared. God had spared him for a purpose.

            I was angry. Spirit rose up in me. He will not die. This will be a testimony. Come on lets pray. In the previous time I had got his friends to pray but this time they did not join in. I left telling Maias it was going to be a testimony. He smiled. We got a special drug he needed. Two days later he left perfectly well, recommitted to Christ, free from alcohol, filled with spirit and fire; having an amazing experience of His presence -- he kept on saying, he will never forget it. He now tells others of His Lord and often returns to the hospital so happy.

Esther Kampala

Esther came to us with cancer in her uterus which was spreading rapidly. The main hospital would not admit her for three weeks by which time there would be little chance of arresting it. We removed her uterus. During the operation she died. The team prayed. Her life returned. She had had a beautiful heavenly experience. We prayed that the cancer would dematerialise. When she went back to the radiologist they could find no trace of cancer. She was so thankful.

Matthew Kampala

Matthew had an accident, losing blood profusely and his foot seriously injured, the flesh ripped off. He was in a coma and blind the first night, due to loss of blood. When he came too, he was in excruciating pain. In the first hospital he was taken to and the main one the talk was of removing his foot, but it was decided to give it time. He was there for three weeks, but there was little improvement and still in great pain. He went home. He was depressed. He had lost hope. His mother Esther (above), plus others in his family managed to persuade him to come to us. The rotting flesh was removed. Through much prayer and experience of LOVE from us hope returned. He still says he cannot believe it as he stares at his foot, still intact, the flesh and skin having grown (no skin graft), no pain. His family and friends too find it hard to believe. He is going home in a few days

Two miracle babies Kampala

They look like ordinary babies, but both were emergency caesarean operations.  The surgeon said as one started breathing again, ‘That one had gone.’ He said the same happened with the second. Both parents are so aware their baby is a miracle.


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